20 Cool Windows 10 tips and tricks for 2021

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Windows 10 tips and tricks for 2021 – Windows 10 is the latest version of operating systems developed by Microsoft and released as the successor to Windows 8.1. The initial release date of Windows 10 was July 19, 2015, however, Microsoft normally releases its major updates every six months. That’s why there are many tricks for windows 10 that you may not know till date, even though the Windows 10 was initially released 5 years ago.

In this article, we gonna discuss in detail many windows 10 tips, tricks, and hacks which are so amazing. Windows 10 has more features to offer than the previous Windows versions such as virtual desktop, digital assistant, notification center, biometric authentication, and many more. In case, you have not updated your system to the latest version Windows 10, then download Windows 10 now and install it to use all the Windows 10 tips and tricks which I am gonna mentioned here.

With so many features these 10 windows 10 tips and tricks might not be too much but keep visiting this article as we always keep updating our post time to time to make our reader known about all the latest updates that come with windows update. For now, without any delay, let’s jump straight to those windows 10 tips and tricks.

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks in details

1. Virtual Desktop

Now, you don’t need to install an application to create a virtual desktop. If you have window 10 in your system, and you want to do multitask at the same time, then it has become possible now because of this virtual desktop feature. To use this amazing feature,  you just need to press “window + Tab” keys simultaneously. You can also click on the Task View (the icon to the right of the Windows menu) directly as well.

After opening the tiles view of different currently active windows, you need to drag one of the windows and place it on the “+ New Desktop“. Or, if you want to create a totally new one, you can just click on “+ New Desktop” and pick the newly-created desktop.

windows 10 tips and tricks - virtual desktop screenshot

When you pick a newly-created virtual desktop, this will separate your new window from the previously created, window i.e, you can’t find all previously opened apps minimized instead this window will be totally fresh like when you restart your computer.

This is one of the best features that you can use, while you are using your social media or watching movies and suddenly need to switch to a new desktop when your boss takes a sneak peek on your screen.

To remove any virtual desktop, you need to click the “windows + tab” and cross the intended window by clicking on the cross-icon located on the top right corner of each window.

2. Aero Shake

This is the old classic trick that’s been working since Windows 7, but many of you might not know until now. In many cases, we might be working in multiple windows at a time, so if you want to hide all other clutter windows quickly by leaving only a single window open.

aero shake - windows 10 tips and tricks

Then, all you need to do is point your cursor on the title bar by holding the left mouse button on one of the opened windows and need to shake left and right. This will minimize all other windows within seconds of shaking. This will remove the tasks of minimizing each window separately.

3. Windows-V

You might have used copy and paste technique with shortcut “ctrl+c” and “ctrl+v” many times. But, this has a limitation as it stores only the last copied text on the clipboard.

For this, click on the windows start menu ➜ SettingsSystemClipboardTurn on the Clipboard history. Now, you can copy two texts one after another, and instead of hitting “ctrl+v” hit “windows+v“. By hitting, “windows+v” this will list all the previously copied text, and you can pick one from those lists.

tricks for windows 10 - windows-v

Furthermore, you can click on the three dots (…) located on the top-right corner of each copied text and delete that single text or clear all copied text from the clipboard.

4. Snip and Sketch

Snip and Sketch are other tricks for windows 10 which is helpful to capture the screen of the windows. Previously, we had to press “Print Screen” on the keyboard and paste it on image editing apps like Paint or Photoshop and Save that image. However, with windows 10 this snapshot feature becomes more advanced and flexible.

snip and sketch - windows 10 tips and tricks

To take a snapshot, you need to hit “windows+shift+s“, this will open a small toolbar on the top of the screen. This toolbar provides the options of:

    • Rectangular Snip: Allows you to take the snapshot of the screen in a rectangular shape
    • Freeform Snip: As per the name, you can snip the according to your wish in any irregular shape
    • Window Snip: Allows you to take the snap of one of the selected window
    • Full-screen Snip: Takes the screenshot of the full screen

After taking a snip of your choice, the image will be saved in the clipboard and can be opened in the snip and sketch app. In this app, you can add lines or highlight some parts or draw any sketch on these snapped images. That’s why it’s called snip and sketch.

5. Slide to Shutdown

The next trick in our list of windows 10 tips and tricks is Slide to Shutdown. To use this hack, right-click on the desktop screenNewShortcut ➜ paste “%windir%\System32\SlideToShutDown.exe” on the field ➜ Enter name of your choice and finish the setting.

This will create a shortcut on the desktop screen, so whenever you want to shut down, just double click on that shortcut icon and slide down the curtain on the screen completely. This will shut down your computer.

6. Multitasking

To turn this feature on, open SettingsSystemMultitasking and turn this on. You can also customize some other options there.

Next, drag any opened window to one of the corners i.e top-left, top-right, bottom-right, or bottom left. This will resize your window and place it to the corner where you have dragged. If you feel that these four windows are too small for your screen size. You can just drag it to the left or right corner and this will open only two windows at a time.

This enables us to do multitasking, like watching some videos on the side while writing some text on another splitter windows. That’s the reason why we have listed multitasking in our windows 10 tips and tricks lists.

7. Dictation

Dictation is one of the coolest features among all windows 10 tips and tricks available here. With this feature, you can command your computer to do things like the opening app, writing some docs, and many more all by your voice only.

To use this feature, you need to go to SettingsEase Of AccessSpeech and Turn on Speech Recognition. Or, if you prefer to use windows key shortcut to toggle the speech recognition On or Off, you are free to hit “windows+ctrl+s” on your keyboard.

dictation - windows 10 tips and tricks

After turning on you can command it like “Open notepad”, “Open word” or you can also ask it to type some text by speaking those words you want to write it down.

8. Dark Mode

This tricks for windows 10 is for those people who are a big fan of Dark Mode. With windows 10 we can apply this dark mode to give some nice feeling to our eyes. To enable this, go to SettingsPersonalizationColors and select Dark from Choose Your Colour dropdown options.

dark mode - windows 10 tips and tricks

You can also set it to Custom and select default window mode as Dark whereas default app mode to Light as well.

9. Emoji Menu

We have include Emoji Menu in our number 9 of windows 10 tips and tricks lists. To trigger this menu anywhere, you need to press “windows+.“, here “. (period)” is not from the numeric keypad. 

Emoji - tricks for windows 10

You can open this emoji menu windows whenever you want to add emoji somewhere. This might be useful while commenting on a different platform like Youtube, Facebook, and so on.

10. Nearby Sharing

Next on our list is windows nearby sharing. To turn on this feature you need to go to SettingsSystemShared experiencesTurn on Nearby Sharing. You can set either you want to receive from Everyone nearby or from your device only as well. Once, you set it on, you can send images, documents, or any page link from the browser to the nearby devices.

Nearby Sharing - windows 10

You can find this nearby sharing toggle in the windows notification panel, located at the bottom right corner, from there you can easily turn it off once the sharing is completed.

11. Steps Recorder

This is the most exciting trick in our lists of windows 10 tips and tricks. With this feature, you can record all the steps you have done between the start and stop of the recorder. This will take a screenshot of every new step you have done and also generate the description of the step. 

So, for example, if you start a steps recorder and copy a file from one place to another. Then, it will generate the screenshot and also the steps like “User right-clicks on file_name“, “User left double click on the folder_name“, “User keyboard input on …“.  Isn’t that great? It’s great and is pretty sure that this 11th trick of our windows 10 tips and tricks article might be so helpful especially if you want to create a step by step guides for any other or for some blog article as well.

Steps Recording - tricks for windows10

To start, it’s pretty easy, just search “Steps Recorder” on the search box on the windows and start recording after opening the applications.

12. Open Pinned Programs

This trick of windows 10 allows us to open the pinned application quickly with keyboard shortcuts. 

Pinned Programs - windows 10 tips tricks and hacks

Let’s say if you have pinned 5 programs on the taskbar. Then to open the second program, you need to press “windows+2“. To open a specific program, you need to hit “windows+number-in-sequence“. The number starts at 1 followed by 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and ends at 0. So basically, you can open only 10 pinned applications at maximum by this method.

13. Time Difference

This tip might be useful especially to those who are freelancers or have friends in a different timezone. In this scenario, you might want to find the time difference between your clients and you, so that you can set the time for the communications and meetings.

For this, open “alarms and clock” from the search bar, and when the app is opened, click on the clock tab. Next, click on the “+ (plus)” icon located at the bottom-right corner of the clock window. Thereafter, enter the name of the place and select the desired time zone to pin on the map.

Time Difference screenshot

In case if you want to delete the already pinned timezone, just right-click on the selected pin and click on delete.

14. Quick Assist

The quick assist allows us to share our computer screen and allows another user to control your computer remotely. This feature is almost similar to those of Team Viewer and Anydesk.

Just open Quick Assist by searching it on the search bar, then select the option either you want to get assistance or assist another person. Let’s take a look first at Give Assistance (Assist another person) options, there you need to enter Hotmail login details. After entering login credentials, it will create a security code with the expiration time. 

Quick Assist - windows 10 tips tricks and hacks

The other user who is seeking to Get Assistance needs to enter the security code provided by the person who is going to give assistance and share the screen. In this way, one can control the screen of another user remotely via this 14th features in our lists of windows 10 tips and tricks.

15. Night Light

The night light is the setting to reduce the blue rays emitted from the screen that often keeps you awake at night.

Night light - windows 10 tips and tricks

To enable it, go to SettingsSystemDisplayTurn on the Night Light. And, just below this toggle button, you can find Night light settings. You can click on that link to set the strength, and also to schedule when the night light should be turned on and when it should be off automatically, based on the hour of that day.

16. Command Prompt Copy and Paste

Next, in our lists of windows 10 tips and tricks, is Command Prompt Copy and Paste feature. By default, you cannot copy and paste the text in the command prompt. However, following this trick you can enable “ctrl” key features inside the command prompt.

Command Prompt windows 10  

To enable open the command prompt by searching “cmd” in the search bar. After opening the command prompt, right-click on the title bar, select properties, and check the “Enable Ctrl key shortcuts” option. After enabling “ctrl” key shortcuts, you should be able to copy and paste on the command prompt.

17. God Mode

If you are familiar with windows 10, you might have noticed that many settings in windows 10 are placed into the start menu, control panel, and the system settings. However, if you want to have all these settings being listed at the same place then this is the tricks for windows 10 that you must apply.

For this, you need to right-click on the desktop NewFolder ➜ and rename this folder to “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}“. This will change the folder icon to something like of control panel, and when you click on that icon you will see all those settings available on the big single lists. 

This is one of the advanced features that we have listed on windows 10 tips and tricks, so be careful to each of those settings, and don’t modify those settings if you are unfamiliar with those.

18. Automate Deleting Files

If you are tired of deleting junk and temporary files manually again and again, then this step might be helpful for you. To automate it, go to SettingsSystemStorageTurn on the storage settings. Just below that toggle button, you can find the configuration link.

By clicking on that “configure storage sense“, you can when this clean up should be run like when the storage is low or should run in every week or month. On top of that, you can also set either the temporary files and downloaded files that haven’t been used for a long time should be deleted or not as well. This kind of option really helps those people who don’t have enough time to check each file either that should be deleted or not. 

On the contrary, it may also delete the important files which have not been opened for a long period of time. So, we suggest that you also consider that condition as well.

19. Edge Reading View

Windows 10 has replaced IE (Internet Explorer) with Edge, but did you know that Edge has a reading view option? For the test, let’s open another article on tips to improve smartphone battery life in Edge. 

As you can see in the image there is a book like icons on the right side of the URL bar. If you click on that it will toggle the reading mode on the Edge. Once the reading mode is activated, all other distractions will be removed from the page making it easier to focus more on the content. On top of that, you can make the Edge to read the content by clicking on “Read Aloud“.

Reading Mode Edge Toggle

Grammars Tools” is also available in the reading mode from where you can highlight all the nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs that are present on that article or content.


On the last of or windows 10 tips and tricks lists, we are going to describe the cool features of the inbuilt calculator in windows 10. The calculator has been improved dramatically in windows 10 than the previous versions of windows. You can open the calculator by searching it on the search bar directly. Most of you should be familiar with the standard calculator. Click the menu icon of the top-left corner to see the full features available in that calculator.

There you can find additional calculators such as scientific, programmer, and date calculation. Furthermore, you can find many conversion features like currency, volume, length, area, and many more conversion. With the help of these features, it will be quicker to calculate how much the value would be when you converted it.

Conclusion of tricks for windows 10

These are our total lists of windows 10 tips tricks and hacks for now, however, keep visiting our blog to learn more new windows 10 tips and tricks as we always keep updating our post in a timely manner. If you enjoy reading this “windows 10 tips and tricks” article, then I am pretty sure you will like our other tips and tricks articles as well.

Share these lists of windows 10 tips and tricks with your friends as well, and also don’t forget to mention your favorite trick for windows 10 from our lists of windows 10 tips and tricks. Also, if we miss any new tricks, let us know so that we can include it in our next update of windows 10 tips and tricks.


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