How to make bootable Pendrive using cmd

How to make bootable pendrive using cmd

“How to make bootable Pendrive using cmd?”

I bet you did not want to do this on your own. But here you are trying it for the first time and this blog will guide you from the start on this problem (how to make bootable Pendrive using cmd(Command-Prompt).

You can navigate straight to the steps if you already know the basics but in case you don’t know about it, here are a few things you need to know…

What does the term “Boot” mean?

Boot simply means the process to load an operating system by the Computer when turned on to prepare the system for use. Think of it as a handgun. You’d want to load the bullets, make sure you have a tight grip on the gun, adjust your target, and then pull the trigger. Your computer also does the same (Prepares itself)  before loading your operating system.

(Sorry for the handgun analogy, I did that to make it feel less boring.)

Remember this term before knowing how to make bootable Pendrive using cmd/Command-Prompt (or bootable pendrive software).

What are the devices used to boot a computer?

You can use external hard drives such as CDs, Floppy Disks, Hard drives, Pendrives to boot your computer. Pendrives are considered the best alternative among others to boot your computer.

So join my quest to know how to make bootable Pendrive using cmd/Command-Prompt.

Why would I need to make my Pendrive bootable?

  1. We need to make our Pendrive bootable(with command prompt ) to install the Operating System(Especially Windows and Linux. MacOS can be installed using the Internet Recovery which is the preferred option) on our computer.
  1. If your computer ever has a booting issue in the future, you would want to have a bootable repairing tool. That way, you can repair the system disc by booting into WinPE mode via bootable Pendrive.

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Prerequisites Before Bang( how to make bootable Pendrive using cmd?) !!!

Sorry for the cheesy title but it was important to grab your attention… Here are things you need to do before making a Pendrive bootable/bootable USB.

1Get a Pendrive that has space enough to store files for the installation of the Operating system.
2Files of the Operating System are quite easy to download(I usually torrent them, which is a punishable act). However, make sure that your computer hardware meets the requirements to install those Operating Systems.

That’s it guys, get ready to do the bang!!! (By now, you must have known what bang means. If you don’t, it is an answer to the question “How to make bootable Pendrive using cmd?”.)

How to make bootable Pendrive using cmd? (Steps!!!)

How to make bootable Pendrive using cmd? Here are the steps!!

Step 1: First of all, you need to insert your Pendrive on the computer. (I don’t think I need to tell you how to do it)

How to make bootable Pendrive using cmd?

Step 2: Open Command Prompt. You can do so either by searching cmd in Crotona Search Box/Start Menu or by typing “Win+R” to go to the run box and type cmd.

(Make sure to run the Command-Prompt as an administrator.)

Step 3: Type the command “diskpart” and press enter on your keyboard.

Step 4: After doing so, type another command, “list disk” and press enter which shall display available storage devices on your computer system. 

Step 5: Now, this is the most crucial step. You need to select only that disk, which is your Pendrive. It is marked as disk 1 on my device and is generally so in most of the devices. However, it depends on the system that you’re using. Type the command “select disk 1” and press enter to select your Pendrive. Don’t dare to select a disk other than your Pendrive.

Step 6: The goal now is to create a new partition on your Pendrive for which you need to type the command “clean” and hit the enter key. The action shall format your Pendrive and crystal clear the existing data. Make sure that you have a backup so that you don’t have to surf in google again to recover your Pendrive data.

Step 7: create partition primary” is another command you need to enter which shall make your Pendrive ready to be bootable as it makes the disk primary.

Step 8: Now choose the partition you created (primary) by typing the command “select partition 1” and press enter with your thumb. (Okay that with your thumb part was me messing around.)

Step 9: Okay! Since you’ve come so far, you need to know that Windows uses the NTFS file system to store stuff. This is why you need to format the disk as NTFS. And it can only be done with the command “format=fs NTFS” and press enter.

Step 10: active” is another command you’ll need to type which would mark the primary bootable partition as active.

Step 11: Finally, you can type the command “exit” and press enter to get away from diskpart. 

And that is it guys, you have done it!!! 

You just made your Pendrive bootable… You finally did the bang (found the answer to the question “How to make bootable Pendrive using cmd?” )

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You also have some other free bootable pendrive software that can easily do this job for you. They can make your Pendrive bootable much faster than the Command-Prompt and you’ll save around 10 to 15 minutes on doing so. So here is my list of such bootable Pendrive software…

How to make bootable Pendrive using bootable Pendrive software?

If using CMD is not your thing, don’t worry we are going to mention some bootable pendrive software, which you might find useful.

1. Rufus

Rufus is blazing fast software which always comes to the number one spot while talking about. It fixed its position due to its amazing GUI and error-free system to dazzle its users.

Lightweight and multilingual Rufus supports both GPT and UEFI boot systems. Not only that, Rufus has sets of Pre-Set and default settings that can be used with a single click. 

To start with Rufus, you simply have to click the disc icon which enables you to browse ISO files to load them and that is it. You have started the process to create a bootable USB.

2. Ventoy

Petty Maddison from UUbyte thinks that “Ventoy is a revolutionary tool to create a bootable USB from ISO.” Why? 

Ventoy can create multiple bootable operating systems on a single USB drive. And I believe that they are a dark horse in this industry for doing so. Ventoy is compatible with both UEFI and Legacy boot and has “ successfully tested from 260+ ISO files”. Did that number surprise you? 

If it didn’t this might. 

Ventoy does not require you to format the USB which means that you don’t have to get your precious data deleted after you create a bootable USB. 

And that is why Ventoy is a revolutionary tool that shall certainly impress you.

How to make bootable Pendrive using cmd.. Ventoy is better. Change your question.

3. UNetbootin

Free of bugs and surprisingly excellent ease of use, UNetbootin managed to force its way on my list of bootable Pendrive software. This software can be used with Linux, Windows as well as macOS.

If you are a Noobie in this chaotic box of tech freaks, UNetbootin is your savior. The minimalist design makes it simple yet adorable to use. This software is quite famous among Linux users as it also enables you to load repair system utilities making it a viable option for creating bootable USB.

With an easy installation process that anyone can perform, I think this is one of the best tools which would work like a beast with your computer.

How to make bootable Pendrive using cmd.. UNetbootin is better. Change your question.

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In short, Yumi stands for Your Universal Multiboot Installer and is an excellent bootable pendrive software to boot Linux Operating Systems, disc cloning, antivirus utilities, penetration testing and so much more. You can easily create your very own USB PC repair Toolkit with YUMI and it totally meets your bootable USB needs.

Known as the successor of Universal USB installer, it uses Syslinux bootloader to boot. All you need to know is that YUMI bootable Pendrive software is easy to use and is lightning fast. I think Yumi is a good option to make a bootable pendrive to install Linux Operating Systems.

How to make bootable Pendrive using cmd.. Yumi is better. Change your question.

5. Etcher

Etcher is another top option for you to make your Pendrive bootable. The reason I included this software on this list is because of its ease of use. Whether you are a tech enthusiast or a normal person who loathes when you have to deal with tech stuff, Etcher can easily meet your demands. 

Talking about its versatility, it is supported by Windows, Linux, and also macOS. Etcher automatically detects your USB and while doing so, it consumes very little time. So get ready to make a bootable USB with Etcher.

How to make bootable Pendrive using cmd.. Etcher is better. Change your question.

6. Transmac

I included Transmac in my list because I accidentally deleted my operating system in my MacBook Air 2010 without any backup while resetting to make it look new. And unfortunately, I was not able to install macOS via macOS recovery which would automatically install the previous OS on my system due to some errors. 

I think it didn’t work due to the fact that my MacBook Air wasn’t built to do it that way. Whatever be the reason, I had to find a way to make a bootable USB using my windows system and Transmac (Life saving bootable pendrive software) made it possible to do so. 

Transmac is free for trial for the first 15 days which shall be enough to get your job done. This is the best option for making your USB bootable through the Windows system for installing macOS.

How to make bootable Pendrive using cmd.. Transmac is better. Change your question.

In a Nutshell

And that is that guys!! You now have the knowledge to do the bang (answer how to make bootable Pendrive using cmd?) and also know about numerous Bootable pendrive software to make a bootable USB. 

I think you should go with Rufus to get things done faster, Ventoy if you want to save your data in your USB and create multiple bootable operating systems, UNetbootin if you are a huge fan of Linux, Yumi if you’re into penetration testing, Etcher for the simplicity, and finally Transmac for macOS. 

There are some other options in the wild to make bootable Pendrive like Windows USB/DVD Download Tool, Universal USB installer, WinSetupFromUSB, DiskmakerX, and blah blah blah which would do the job for you and you can test them out too. 

Feel free to comment if you enjoy our article and don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.


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