How to download torrent files with IDM?


How to download torrent files with IDM? You just need to follow a few basic steps before doing it. Navigate straight to the steps if you don’t want to know from scratch. If you do, let me share my experience with you.

I’m sure you’re tired of downloading torrent files at a speed that feels like a crawling snail. Every passing second feels like a time bomb ticking to explode your wrath upon the remorseless internet and your technophobia is adding more pain to your wounds. 

If that is how you feel, you should first know a few things that might help you relinquish your sufferings. 

Torrent to IDM, How to download magnet links with IDM? What is a torrent? How to download torrent files with IDM? Why the world isn’t flat enough? 

Hey, just calm down. 

Let us start with torrent first.

What does torrent mean in the tech world?

Torrent in simple words is the download mechanism from where you can download almost anything. It is different than the normal downloads because the files that you download are with peers rather than the server. 

You might be aware of the term peer to peer and if I have to use an analogy, I would use Pizza to explain peer to peer. You can suppose that the file you want to download is a Pizza and the one who delivers you the pizza is not a single guy but many guys giving you one slice of pizza. 

The file you want to get is distributed among peers and not in a single server which avoids the risk of copyright and other shitty laws of the tech world. 

One of your doubts is cleared. But how to download torrent files with IDM? 

Have some patience. I’ll get to that in a while or you can easily navigate to the steps.

Why do downloads with torrents take a long time?

Factors like bandwidth allocation, increase in the seeder-to-peer ratio, internet throttle from ISPs, lead to slower downloads once in a while. Looking at factors like that, your downloads are surely in the right hands if you choose IDM.

The main factor to decrease your download speed through torrent is if the number of seeders is less compared to the number of leechers. No one has control over this factor and this is why you need to know how to download torrents with IDM.

What is IDM?

IDM stands for Internet Download Manager which is an advanced tool with the purpose of increasing your download speed by more than 5 times and has other functionalities like resuming and scheduling downloads. 
Using intelligent dynamic file segmentation and a safe multipart downloading system, IDM enhances your download speed. User Interface of IDM is simple and easy to use for all sorts of people whether they are normal or techno-geeks. 
The segmentation tricks used by IDM is known to accelerate your download speed by up to 200-300% and you don’t have to think about seeders and leechers anymore. 
Keep on reading to know how to download torrent files with IDM.

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What are magnet links? 

Magnet links are the hyperlinks (links to take you to the designated place) that are meant to give you straightforward access to the hash code (strings made up of alphanumeric characters and known as the digital fingerprint) for a torrent file

Magnet Link is different than a torrent file as a torrent file would need a centralized server for tracking while a magnet link is able to download directly and would not need a centralized server.

With torrent sites continuously being attacked, magnet links have a great advantage as it does not have to depend upon the servers. 

Keep on reading to know how to download torrent files with IDM.

All this build-up… For what? 

  1. So that you could find a way to download even if your office, college, or school banned torrent websites. 
  2. Enable you to get past your ISP’s traffic tracking system when you download torrents.
  3. Give you information about free online tools that shall help you download torrents and magnet links with IDM.

Keep on reading to know how to download torrent files with IDM.

Steps to Download Torrents Using IDM

How to download torrent files with IDM?

Here are the steps;

  1. Install IDM

Installing IDM shouldn’t be that hard and is a hassle-free process. Anyone can do it within seconds. 

How to download torrent files with IDM?
IDM can be downloaded easily from their website. File size is just 10 MB.

2. Go to torrent sites

I usually prefer to get almost anything. If you have better options, feel free to comment below. is a popular option to download anything is a popular option to download anything

3. Copy magnet link or torrent link

Search what you want to download and when you find it, copy the magnet link or torrent link. 

Right click with your mouse and click on “copy link address”.

4. Go to any one of these free online tools

Choose one suitable for you after going through my list which is given below (Comes after the steps are over). You might need to make an account on most of them. They are free of cost for a certain limit and you might need to get a premium account if you need a little extra. I’ve given my thoughts about them. Feel free to read them and get some information before jumping to conclusions.

5. Paste your magnet link or torrent link in those online tools 

And that should be enough. You’ll get a downloadable file after pasting the link and download it via IDM. The download speed should be like I said before “5 TIMES MORE enhanced”.

ZBIGZ DEMO to perform torrent to idm download.
I used ZBIGZ for the demo. You can use any of the tools given below

Keep on reading to know how to download torrent files with IDM.

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Five Online Tools to download fast with IDM

1. Zbigz

Zbigz Premium Services
Zbigz Premium services

Zbigz has always been my first choice since I knew how to download magnet links with IDM. Due to the fact that this tool is free and can be used without registration, I always look to Zbigz when I have to download “stuff” from the internet. 

You can also get a premium account to get the following services;

If you want to renew your premium plan, do it after your plan ends as your existing plan will terminate even if you have a few days left on the existing plan.

The leech only service is why you need Zbigz and you’ll not have to seed back. But things download faster if you have better seeders. Zbigz has servers in Canada and the download speed may degrade in places far from Canada.

Zbigz- Top choice for torrent to idm download

2. ByteBX

ByteBX, another answer to the question, "How to download torrent files with IDM?"
ByteBX, another answer to the question, “How to download torrent files with IDM?”

ByteBX is another top choice capable of downloading torrents for you. It is known to the business world as a cloud storage provider but you can use it to download torrents with ease. You can easily overcome IP tracking with ByteBX due to its feature so-called fetching. 

You should download torrents with a greater number of seeds for better results. Locations like Newzealand, Malaysia, and Brazil have a little bit of lagging while performing the download. Other than that, they are good with all locations. 

For unlimited downloads, you can get their premium account and with that, you’ll also get 100 GB of cloud storage. What I didn’t like about ByteBX is their ad policy. Even after getting their premium plan, ads were popping on my screen which was quite frustrating.

Keep on reading to know how to download torrent files with IDM.

3. Seedr

Seedr, top choice for torrent downloads.
How to download torrent files with IDM? Seeder is the answer.

Seedr is another popular option to perform torrent to IMD download. It works just like its competitors and might come in handy when you need that extra storage to store your data. What I loved about Seedr was its Chrome browser extension.

I was able to simplify my torrent download with just a few clicks. You can also benefit from this since chrome is most probably your default browser. Their customer support is the best one of all I’ve seen to date. 

You should get their premium plans to avoid limits in your downloads. Their basic plan begins at just $6.95 per month but is totally worth it. 

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4. Filestream

FileStream, best choice for anonymous torrent downloads.
FileStream, best choice for anonymous torrent downloads.

Filestream is the tool you should go for if you want to download anonymously. This is the best choice for “proper security”. With Filestream’s SSL protection you shouldn’t worry about those spooky things (malware) that are waiting to rip open your computer system. 

You also have the privilege to download Filestream’s android version which should probably impress you. Filestream allows you to get a free 500MB space with each referral signup. I also used its chrome extension to test how it works and I found it as good as Seedr’s. 

If you wish to get a premium version of Filestream, the basic plan starts at just $2.45 per month which is a great bargain compared to other tools in the market. I suggest you test its free version before purchasing the premium plan.

5. Torrent Safe

Torrent Safe, simplest tool for easy torrent downloads.
Torrent Safe, simplest tool for easy torrent downloads.

With just a couple of clicks on their website, You would be able to download at a blazing fast speed. Torrent Safe is indeed one of the best options when you think of torrent to IDM download. Why? 

Well, it is probably due to its simplicity. Unlike its other competitors, the user interface is simple with the FAQ portion answering all of your queries. They also boast about their free download service without registration. 

Talking about their premium plans, you’d need to get it if your download exceeds 1GB. Get their 2-year plan at just $1.99 per month (which should be paid in full) and download unlimited files at blazing fast speed.


I hope that you now know how to download torrent files with IDM. If you have any questions regarding how to download torrent files with IDM, feel free to comment down below and solve your confusion about torrent to IDM download.


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