10 Fun Games Like Slither.io That Are Seriously Too Good

10 games like Slither.io
Do play them, you'll have fun

Games like Slither.io – Which is the first game that you played on your phone? (Of course not Slither.io)

Mine was the classic Snake game which I played on my mother’s Nokia phone. (Those were the days….). And since then it has been a roller coaster of a ride in the gaming world and the old Snake game has evolved into Slither.io. 

The rule of Slither.io is simple. Consume food particles lying around and take down other players in the process. And this simplicity led to huge popularity and a large number of downloads. 

I loved Slither.io for a while but felt that I need other games like Slither.io to suppress my boredom.

The quest to find a list of games like Slither.io made me hop into many .io games and I was able to come up with a list of games similar to or alternative to Slither.io. So dive right in to check my list of 10 fun games like slither.io.

List of 10 Fun games like Slither.Io

1. Arrow.io


Arrow.io is a juicy alternative to Slither.io because of its simplicity and regular updates to enable you to upgrade your random skills.

Unlike Slither.io, you’re not gonna see a snake slithering on your screen but get shot behind your back with an arrow if you don’t pay attention. So if you love to mess around with a bow and an arrow, this game is a roller coaster ride of emotions. 

The game is all about survival. You’ll need to survive the infinite amount of arrows aimed at you by your opponents and hit them harder once you see your chance. The battlefield is filled with archers whom you’ll need to find roaming around and kill them soon enough to protect yourself.

Controls in the game are pretty slick and you can easily manipulate your character the way you want to. To move your character from side to side, you have a virtual stick on the left screen and to aim and shoot, you have the virtual stick on your right screen.

Talking about characters in the game, you have a Ninja, Beachboy, and  Interstellar Officer with unique skills of their own. I prefer Ninja for the reflexes to flex around my opponents. 

 Another important aspect of the game is the experience point which you can gather while surfing around the map. They will help you to increase your level and skills. And believe me, gaining more skills ultimately leads to zero deaths. (wink) 

2. Wormax.io


If you belong to the nine-year-old army of PewDiePie, you might remember the video he posted on the date July 20, 2017. And if you don’t watch videos of PewDiePie on Youtube, search this title on Youtube immediately, “I’M IN THIS GAME! – Wormax.io (size matters)” and know about the gameplay yourself. That was the day I installed this game on my phone and became addicted to it.

You’ll surely love the feature to choose custom skins that look pretty sophisticated in comparison to Slither.io. Some other features like unique abilities, boosters on the map, and quests would easily dazzle you. 

Skills such as acceleration, stop, ghost, toxicity, spyglass further makes the game worth giving a shot. You can discover more skills after playing this game and feel rejuvenated.  

You can feel the movement smooth in comparison to Slither.io and will know why people choose to play a cloned version rather than the original one.

3. Agar.io


Another game on our list of Slither.io like games is Agar.io. This game is a true example of the saying “Divide and Rule” and boasts around a circle which is your character. Talking about the gameplay, you simply have to eat the small balls and get bigger to prevent yourself from being eaten by the bigger balls.

 Sadly, getting bigger in Agar.io comes with a great disadvantage as you get slower than before. But being a bigger ball allows you to have the ability to divide into many balls. And strategies can be thought to capture smaller players in all directions. 

This game impressed me because I could change my character’s (circle’s) appearance with predefined words, skin, phrases, and symbols. You can intentionally feed other players your small portions to consume them. 

So if you’re bored with slither.io and wish to run around a circle, feel free to download this game on your phone. The popularity of this game shall be enough for you to try it once.

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4. Diep.io


Wars, guns, and bullets are a well-known recipe for a perfect arcade game and Diep.io delivers you these things. I enjoyed this game for a while due to its in-depth progression system, unsophistication, and top-notch controls.

The background of the game looks like a dull graph paper with shapes like rectangle, square, triangle, and circle. You need to shoot these shapes/objects along with other players to increase your level. An increase in levels will give you some extra advantages such as more health, powerful body damage, unbeatable reload time with movement speed, and so on.

If you’ve been playing the .io games you’ll find this game unique and simple at the same time. It is a no brainer for you to try it at least once and lose your life in the endless war.

If you’ve made it this far in the list of 10 games like slither.io, this another game is another big name in the list.

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5. Snowball.io


Another game on our list of 10 fun games like Slither.io is SnowBall.io. This game always enters my mind whenever Christmas is around and you can stop slithering around to flick off the opponents off the battlefield during this month of December. The game is easy to play. You just have to move around to make your snowball big enough to bash the opponents with it.

Snowball.io is just a joy to play due to its attractive background and butter-like controls. To get started, you’ll need to pick up skin and a name and start knocking players out. As you get a hold of the game, you’ll eventually start to learn new techniques to pave your path towards victory. 

So if you ever felt the need to relax while playing a .io game, this game is definitely the one you should try. 

6. Orborous


Orborous is a game worth playing if you’re a massive fan of Slither.io and Nebulous. The path to immortality in Orborous is the same as Silter.io but you’ll have choices to choose around 325 unique skins. 

It is a unique option for slither.io fans due to the fact that you can choose game modes such as free for all, timed free for all, teams, timed teams, capture the flag, survival, soccer, and domination looking at your style of play. 

Simplicial Software has made a try-worthy clone of slither.io with few tweaks here and there but is definitely worth time. I was not impressed with this game initially but found it addictive once I tried it a couple of times.

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7. Mitos.is


If you are a huge fan of biology and never skipped a biology class during your school days, Mitos.is another popular option while talking about games like Slither.io.The game is based around Darwinian evolutionary theory which describes the mechanism of survival of the fittest. In short, eat cells or dry trying.

The main character in the game is a cell that is controlled by you and you have to wander around on the map looking for smaller players to gobble up. Likewise, players with bigger cells than you are looking to hunt you down and you should be wary of this situation. 

The thing that would keep you hooked in this game is its customizable skin setup. You should definitely mess around with your skin and have some fun trolling your opponents. I however think that Agar.io is way better than this game as it looks badly designed. 

Is it better than Slither.io? Yes, if you fear the hissing of the snakes or their deadly looks. Play it once to have your own opinion about the game.

8. Tanks.io


If you’re tired of snakes, worms, cells, and guns, you should think of tanks. The heavily armored fighting vehicle originally designed to fight frontline battles is now in your palms. Tanks.io is a knight in shining armor in my list of 10 games like Slither.io.

You will be at the edge of your seats while blowing off the objects in the maps and bombarding your opponents. 

I was always fond of war games and wanted to play a .io version of it. And when I found Tanks.io, I couldn’t resist trying it. Upgrades in the game are in your own hands which is the reason you’d shift from Slither.io to Tanks.io. Upgrades can be a vital factor to determine your efficiency in this game and you should focus on maxing everything as soon as possible.

You should think like your enemies to outplay them in this game. Just like every war game, you need to think ahead of your opponents, be aggressive, and try to corner them. And in Tanks.io you should always risk getting shot before knocking off your opponents. 

So take a ride of these deadly killing machines and get some kills in your hands. Who knows, you might actually love it? 

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9. Osmos HD

Osmos HD

Osmos HD is the first single-player game on the list which I thought I need to include because of its eye-catching graphics. The game is similar to Slither.io but with minor changes. Your character in the game is a cell that needs to feed on other objects lying around on the map.

“Every action has an equal but opposite reaction.”, If you’re familiar with the third law of Newton, you will easily know the principles of the game. Your character/mote loses some of its mass while propelling forward. So you’ll need to think twice before making any moves.

You can play this game near the end of the day to forget the chaos going on in your life as the background music would paralyze your senses to make you sleep in peace. 

10. Hole.io


In my list of 10 games like Slither.io, Hole.io is another thrilling alternative and comes with a little bit of Physics to think about. In this game, you need to think like a black hole and consume everything that comes your way. 

Voodoo has always been giving us some addicting games and this one doesn’t disappoint. The rules are simple. Your character needs to consume only the objects smaller than you and grow big as the game progresses. You only control the direction (up, down, left, and right) and I suggest you use a mouse if you’re playing it on PC.

Finally, if you want to play any other .io games like Slither.io, then this is what you’re looking for. 


In a nutshell, .io games are here to stay for a long time in our memories due to their simplicity, ease of control, and compatibility. Your time with these games was and would always be worth remembering.



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