10 Cool Games Like Roblox That Worth Playing

10 best games like Roblox

Whenever we are introduced to a certain game, we get hooked up with the games if we are given certain freedom and can express our creativity in the game. If the game offers the player to be creative and use their skills then It is what allows them to bring in more players. Roblox is one of those games that offers freedom and tools.

Roblox is more like a game creation site where users design and upload their games as well as play other games in a multiplayer environment. There are over 50 million games created by the users. You can access Roblox on Pc, Mac, iOS, Android, and Xbox One.

If Roblox is not enough to widen your creativity and imagination or if you don’t feel like Roblox the right to build your very own game then, you should check the list of 10 Cool Games like Roblox that are worth playing.

10 Cool Games Like Roblox That Are Worth Playing

1. Garry’s Mod

Roblox similar games

Garry’s Mod is one of those games similar to Roblox available on PC. The game is the ultimate sandbox engine that can be customized to create many different games. It has been over for a decade. It has tools of gameplay options and limitless potential.

Garry’s Mod is a physic sandbox game where you can make and put stuff, and do a lot of crazy things. It has a ton of other game mod which are custom game mod like mini-game or entire game in itself. Most of them are multiplayer. In Garry’s Mod, you can import a lot of content and enable a lot of content from other games.

You can use a different map for different games. Every game in a Garry’s Mod is like a whole game in itself and you can download them freely and play all kinds of different stuff. In multiplayer options, you can find all these servers running all kinds of different game modes.

2. Fortnite 

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Fortnite may is a third-person shooting game available on all consoles including the mobile versions. Developed by Epic Games and released in late 2017, the game initially was launched with Save The World version where you play as a survivor in a zombie-like apocalypse and you must gather resources and build forts alongside with other players. This building mechanics is really what makes this game unique with the ability to build and destroy most things in the game world. This allows for creativity including building massive ramps and ladder to cross the entire map of the game.

Later, a new game mode was released which was standalone called Battle Royal. This model features 100 players in a match where you can either play solo or in a group of up four people and face against each other against real person utilizing your shooting and fort building skills to be the last one. The game tends to provide better graphics than Roblox.

3. Minecraft

Roblox similar games

Minecraft gives you the feel of Roblox similar games. Minecraft is much more like an experience than a game. What you do in Minecraft is very much up to you. The basic mechanic is you wander through this world and break down resources that you find which allows you to build your structure, weapons, etc. Some resources are difficult to find. So, exploration is the key here.

You can find four modes in the game. The first mode is survival where you have a life and must find resources and build with also being on the lookout for enemies such as zombies. And there’s the creative mode where you are given access to all the resources and you can build a giant structure. The third mode is called adventure mode where you can build or experience adventures built by other players. And the last mode is spectator mode where you can look through the map without interacting with the world. These different modes provide you the freedom to express your creativity as similar to Roblox.

4. Terraria

games like Roblox

Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game that you will enjoy playing. It is a game similar to Roblox that you can play right now. Battling demons and other players is fun when you’re always uncovering new materials. You dig up everything from copper to gold and combine and refine them to make powerful weapons and armors.

The entire world of Terraria is destructible too which presents endless opportunities to dig and explore or build up and decorate a custom anti-zombie fortress to attract helpful villagers. Terraria is the best play game on your won but it’s much geared towards playing with friends.

It is simply fun to play a game where you can create anything you can imagine. Terraria starts you out with a character to create feature and create a world feature. You can have up to six different characters and sixteen different worlds. And all of your characters can share worlds. So, everything you make is shared.

5. Rising World

Roblox similar games

Rising World is an open world sandbox game with randomly generated and fully destructible environments. It is an open-world survival and exploration game where you can collect resources, search for treasures, escape from hostile creatures, and build with the materials you can craft. The game offers freedom similar to Roblox but the graphics are way too stunning. You can interact with everything, right down to playing the piano.

Depending on what your computer can effort, graphics are great. The world of Rising World is fully modifiable without any restrictions. Everything you see can be changed. You can play Rising World alone in a single-player or build your world together with your friends in multiplayer. There are more than 200 different building materials in Rising World.

You need tools to chop down trees, break stones, and level ground. You can collect fruits and grow vegetables around. You can express your creativity in building houses, castles, or fortress. Crafting is one of the features of the game. The developers of the game are active and create new content and feature from time to time.

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6. Creativerse

games similar to Roblox

Creativerse is some of the few Roblox similar games. It is one of the best-rated sandbox adventure building games on steam. It gives the experience of a 3D open world where imagination is the limit. It has this enormous, reactive world where your journey is you own a private world. You can discover exotic biomes, strange creatures that fight back, mysterious caverns full of hazardous substratum, raw materials, and rare treasures.

Creativerse’s core gameplay revolves around building with a few survival aspects added. You can gain mastery over your world through mining, hunting, crafting, cooking, farming, and the power to transform the land. Players can collect materials, craft, build, mine, and kill creatures throughout the map. Creativerse does not support offline mode. All worlds are hosted on dedicated servers.

You can join with thousands of players across hundred of public worlds and take on the journey together. Multiplayer is built-in and seamless, allowing you to meet up with your friends in seconds. In conclusion, Creativerse is a great game for people who love creating buildings and interacting with people.

7. Terasology 

games like Roblox

Terasology is an open-source game drawing its roots more from Minecraft than Roblox but does have some game creation features. It also provides the player, a beautiful sandbox with elements from other genres. Players can create their world for other players to visit.

Terasology is the world of blocks where you can destroy and put blocks where you want to. Although the game is heavily influenced by Minecraft you get that freedom of expressing your creativity and making your world options as similar to Roblox. It has these fantastic graphics that we could feel through the small details in water animation, lighting effects, and shadows particularly giving the game a consistent sense of quality.

Terasology is the ideal game for the gamer or creator who wants a free to play game that offers a similar experience to what Minecraft has to offer or want to contribute to your block building adventures behind the scenes. Like any open source project, the number of active participants varies from time to time.

8. Boundless 

games similar to Roblox

Boundless may look like the mixture of Minecraft and No Man Sky but it offers a ton of worlds to explore as similar to Roblox. There are options available for the players to play however they want to play. You can easily become a hermit on mountain crafting and hunting for yourself or you can become a trader who brings valuable goods to the market and sells them to other players.

Boundless is one of those games that offer a lot of hints and messages about systems and a combination of items present in the game to new players who have no idea what to access. If you are sick or other voxel-based games feeling so static and boxy, Boundless has something new to show you. The world you dropped into is incredibly vast. Bondless is a game where you are in control and you can decide what to do. You set your own goals.

Everything you do in the game will grant you XP that you can spend on improving skills. The skills ranged form improving your health bar, harvesting speed to bomb-making, and ability to wrap other worlds. You can also lower your tax on items you sell on a market place called the Exchange. Here, crafting is fairly simple. You can use different crafting skills to do different things.

9. Lego Worlds

games similar to Roblox

Lego Worlds has a variety of different biomes with differing flora, fauna, pros, and much more. There’re oceans, deserts where you can discover pyramids, volcanoes, rain forests, and more. It certainly fits in the exploration motive of the game finding those consider the number of forests and grassland varieties available. You can find plenty of different vehicles ranging from buggies, motorcycles, and even small diggers.

The game lets you build stuff in an open sandbox world with the actual lego. You can create anything you like using lego in a largely procedural generated world. The game has two main modes; adventure and sandbox. The adventure takes place over several different planets in a galaxy and you have to unlock gold bricks to progress to the further planet. The sandbox mode just drops you into an open world with all the tools and all of Lego pieces to do with as you please.

The game has a very free form type of gameplay. There is some structure in the adventure mode but generally, the game is there to let you run free and do as you please and build whatever you can imagine. You can reshape the environment, paint things, copy an existing structure, and paste it else somewhere else. The game offers you a lot of customization options in terms of building and also for the character. The game is all about freedom and expressing yourself.

10.  Brawl Stars

games like Roblox

For people who want a similar Roblox experience on mobile, Brawl Star might the one to install. The game is unlike we have seen before. You get a load of actions and always something to see and do when you load the game up. The progression of the game is decent too.

There are whole bunches of characters in the game and each one has its different styles of play. Some are brawlers, some offer long-range, and other throw areas of effect attacks. You need to unlock different modes. Different modes offer different levels of play. There’s inevitable Battle Royal mode that you can play either solo or in a group. Only 10 players can participate in this mode where you are against each other in a standalone.

The game is an online multiplayer shooter with cartoon graphics that is solid enough. Players are granted rewards from the trophy road as they gain more trophies by winning matches. The shop is an excellent aspect of the game because it gives players the option to spend their gems on various things like skin, coins, tokens, and new brawlers.

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All of the above-mentioned games are similar to Roblox and if you are looking for something for fun to build your world and have more freedom in the game then you must check out the list.

We hope you like the list and if you think we have missed something other Roblox similar games then you can comment below. We appreciate your help and if want your friend to know about the list too then share it on your social media platform.


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