10 Exciting Games Like Minecraft That Are Worth Playing

10 Exciting Games like Minecraft

Minecraft is more like an experience than a game. What you do in Minecraft is very much to you. The basic mechanic is you wander through this world and break down resources that you find which allows you to build structure, weapons, etc. Some resources are difficult to find. So, exploration is the key here.

Sometimes exploring the vast world of Minecraft would feel tedious and time taking. However, for those who want to try something different, here is the list of 10 games like Minecraft.


10 Games Like Minecraft That Are Worth Playing

1. Satisfactory

games like minecraft

Satisfactory is an early access open-world factory building game that includes aspects of first-person combat and exploration in a diversified world. It is a factory making game where you are an employee of a company called Fix It Inc. You are dropped into an alien planet where you have to build and survive.

You can harvest resources in return for unlocking more structures and progressively more complex recipes. You can conquer nature by building massive factories across the land. The planet is filled with valuable natural resources just waiting to be utilized. You can play alone or with friends, explore an alien planet, create multi-story factories, and enter conveyor belt heaven. You can automate trucks and trains to reach your faraway outposts and handle liquids properly by transporting them in pipes.  The game is all about minimizing manual labor.

Satisfactory is one of the Minecraft-like games where you get the experience of building a huge factory from a first-person perspective. You can automate and optimize the factory to perfection for your satisfaction. You can also customize your factory to your liking. Since its an open-world game like Minecraft, you can share the adventure with friends.

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2. Blockstorm

Minecraft like games

Blockstorm is an FPS game set in a world made of destructible blocks. It may be not a survival game but it is set in a similar universe to Minecraft where you can build everything from a block as well as destroy it.

The game lets you customize, destroy, and create anything. You can influence the environment completely as well as fight in combat multiplayer. You get a shovel to dig, break, and craft whatever you want. You also get building blocks to build the building or get yourself cover-up. The game is like COD meets Minecraft. The game features six multimedia modes in which you can play solo or in a group. Matches take place in either built-in maps or those crafted by players.

You can customize almost anything in the game. Because of this, customization is a huge part of the experience. Players have free reign over the creative map, characters, and equipment through an in-game editor using the same material as the game’s developer. This should give you the Minecraft feel which has made the game so successful. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create your weapons, but luckily there are plenty.

3. Fortnite

Minecraft like games

Fortnite may is a third-person shooting game available on all consoles including the mobile versions. Developed by Epic Games and released in late 2017, the game initially was launched with Save The World version where you play as a survivor in a zombie-like apocalypse and you must gather resources and build forts alongside with other players. This building mechanics is really what makes this game unique with the ability to build and destroy most things in the game world. This allows for creativity including building massive ramps and ladder to cross the entire map of the game.

Later, a new game mode was released which was standalone called Battle Royal. This model features 100 players in a match where you can either play solo or in a group of up four people and face against each other against real person utilizing your shooting and fort building skills to be the last one. The game tends to be a free game like Minecraft but with better graphics.

4. Staxel

Minecraft like games

If you want a lovely reassuring visual style, and everything made of equally sized and proportioned blocks sense of order then Staxel might give you a similar experience. You won’t need to build your house from scratch but here you can make friends, farm, and do the pleasurable things.

You are moved into a rundown old farm and turn the place around by collecting, crafting, and generally being a good human being surrounded by the lovely colorful cuboid. Just like Minecraft, you find yourself loading up your save just to look in on your chickens and end up on a quest with some friends. Whenever you are not hanging up with your new-found friend or working on your farm, you could pursue a hobby, complete collections, spend money on precious seeds or lend a land and make your mark on the town.

Staxel voxel-based sandbox lets you alter your surrounding as your liking with a rich selection of in-game materials for you to create your unique world within the game. However, there would be no monster to fight. There would be a few quests ranging from helping an NPCs find their lost item or build a new house for the new resident.

5. Stardew Valley

Minecraft like games

Stardew Valley is a simulation role-playing farming game. If you have been playing Minecraft for a long time then you must check this game because it is so amazing. Every individual piece of this game is something we have before but never in such a succinct clean combination. The game can be treated as an RPG because your level of involvement and enjoyment is completely up to you.

You can explore the city, complete quests, and fulfill goals available to you or do none of these things and just plant crops a day at a time. Whenever you are worn by day to day routine, you can come to relax at Stardew Valley’s farm. You can get away from all your work and have a little bit of fun in a new environment. The colors are bright, the music is relaxed and the neighbors are cherry. There’s nothing in the world of Stardust Valley that will get you done.

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6. Forest

games like Minecraft

Forest is a first-person horror game in which you have to survive as long as possible in an open world. You crashed into a huge forest on the plane and you are the only one who survived. To survive you have to chop trees, build shelters, hunt for food, make a fire to keep warm and set traps. Those traps are probably not for hunting, but something else.

Like Minecraft, you are forced to build your dwelling, protect yourself from enemies, collect supplies, and avoid forest dwellers while waiting for rescue. Forest is a lot scarier and darker than Minecraft.

The best and tough thing about Forest is you are surrounded by intelligent enemies. There are fascinating and observable differences in behavior seen in these enemies. They have the capacity for rationality and complex decision making that would shiver up your spine. On top of your food and water gauges, there’s sanity score that tracks how far you are willing to go to survive including going native and cannibalizing the cannibals. The final moment of the story ties up the question of how much of your humanity are you willing to lose to survive with interacting moral choices.

7. Terraria

Minecraft like games

Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game that you will enjoy playing. It is a Minecraft like games that you can play right now. Battling demons and other players is fun when you’re always uncovering new materials. You dig up everything from copper to gold and combine and refine them to make powerful weapons and armors.

The entire world of Terraria is destructible too which presents endless opportunities to dig and explore or build up and decorate a custom anti-zombie fortress to attract helpful villagers. Terraria is the best play game on your won but it’s much geared towards playing with friends.

It is simply fun to play a game where you can create anything you can imagine. Terraria starts you out with a character to create a feature and create a world feature. You can have up to six different characters and sixteen different worlds. And all of your characters can share worlds. So, everything you make is shared.

8. Roblox

free games like minecraft

Roblox is less of a game and more of a game creation platform. The users can design and upload games as well as play games created by other players in a multiplayer environment. Roblox lets you create anything that you can think of.  

It’s a free game like Minecraft and lets you fully expressed your creativity and expression. It provides a safe environment for children and still a fun game for adults. You can make a game and play it with your friends. Even parents considered Roblox to be an educational game and inspired their kids to learn. Moderators do a good job of monitoring the site and generally keep it safe.

Roblox is one of those games that offers freedom and tools for players to be more creative and use their skills through imagination. There are over 50 million games created by users. You can access Roblox on Pc, Mac, iOS, Android, and Xbox One.

9. Trove

free games like minecraft

Trove is an instance-based action MMORPG with a rather large world to explore. It gets even larger as you level up in a very interesting way. From a visual point of view, Trove resemblance to Minecraft. Each region in a game is powered or level locked meaning you need to have enough power or meet the level required to go through the next region. The monster also become stronger as you level up.

Trove does not have any traditional questing system instead it takes you back to the good old days of dungeon grinding. As you complete dungeon after dungeon, they are randomly generated and spawned all over the unlocked region. These dungeons can look anything from a haunted house to a giant scorpion in a desert. The game is all about getting sweet loot and having a ton of fun playing through some fun fast-paced action combat.

You can collect various blocks and resources with which you can build a building, craft furniture, and other content. Combat in Trove is simple but filled with unique abilities suited to group play. You can play almost the entire game for free. In short, Trove is a decent game to pass your time, either by building structure, battling bad guys, or experimenting with new classes.

10. Terasology

free games like minecraft

Terasology is an open-source game drawing its roots from Minecraft with some game creation features. It also provides the player, a beautiful sandbox with elements from other genres. Players can create their world for other players to visit.

Terasology is the world of blocks where you can destroy and put blocks where you want to. The game is heavily influenced by Minecraft and you get the freedom of expressing your creativity and making your world. It has these fantastic graphics that we could feel through the small details in water animation, lighting effects, and shadows particularly giving the game a consistent sense of quality.

Terasology is the ideal game for the gamer or creator who wants a free to play the game that offers a similar experience to what Minecraft has to offer or want to contribute to your block building adventures behind the scenes. Like any open source project, the number of active participants varies from time to time.

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The above-given list resembles Minecraft in a somewhat experience way. All the games mentioned are popular and worth trying. In case if you are interested in the best farming games you could check out another article 10 best games like stardew valley.

If we have missed any games like Minecraft, tell us about them in the comment below. And if you like our article then you can share it on your social media.


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