10 Best Bluestacks Alternatives for windows 10 PC

Best Bluestacks alternatives for windows 10 PC

Best Bluestacks Alternatives are the ones we are looking for when we realize how annoying Bluestacks has become recently. When someone hears the word Android emulator, Bluestacks comes to your mind. Since its release, Bluestacks was the most popular Android emulator, but now it has just become a memory-hogging application that uses most of your PC resources resulting in slow performance and lag.

Using an Android emulator is a great way of accessing android apps on your computer. Many people use an android emulator for gaming to access the game with a keyboard and mouse making it easy for their gameplay. Android emulators serve a variety of purposes:  from developers testing app to gamers playing android games on a large screen. You may be using Android emulators for checking out only available android apps if you are an iso user.

With so many Android emulators out there, we have come up with the list of 10 Best Bluestacks Alternative for your pc. Here, we will talk about them in detail and let you know there’s a better Android emulator than Bluestacks.  

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10 Best Bluestacks Alternatives

1. NoxPlayer

best bluestacks alternative

NoxPlayer can be considered as one of the best bluestacks alternatives. It is an android emulator to play mobile games on PC. It has many features to make the gaming experience better and convenient. It comes with a built-in play store so that you can download all available apps. When it comes to gaming, NoxPlayer is one of the most stable, smoother, and fastest android emulators on the market.

It has all the useful features including Fullscreen, keyset for keyboard control, multi-instances, screen recording, screen rotation, and many more. You can also change the frame rate of the game you want to play.

You can get free root access on NoxPlayer from the setting. The changes will take place after a restart. You can change themes. It is also available for Mac Os. With the latest updates, it supports Android 7.

2. KoPlayer

best bluestacks alternative

KoPlayer is a totally free android emulator and can be used as an alternative to Bluestacks. It lets you open all the apps from Google Store. It is faster, better, and more compatible than any other emulators. Ko Player focuses on delivering a lag-free gaming experience with lightweight software.

KoPlayer allows you to record gameplay and upload wherever you want to. It allows key mapping to emulate controller with your keyboard.

When you open KoPlayer, it will ask for the mode to select. For maximum gaming performance, select speed mode. Well, you can switch to compatible mode later on in your setting. You can switch from landscape to portrait. There’s an option for sideloading apk, screenshot, and many more. It has full access to Google play store.

3. MEmu

best bluestacks alternative

MEmu is an excellent Android emulator created for only one purpose: gaming. One of the important features of MEmu Android emulator is its support for both AMD and Nvidia chips. MEmu is placed at the top position on Geekbench and Antutu benchmark for its performance.

It supports multiple instances; multiple apps running simultaneously. There’s support for gamepad. Multi-tasking has been a great feature of MEmu.

There’s has been a lot of improvement in graphics in their latest updates. You can install an external apk. You can even adjust the frame rate of MEmu. Additionally, it supports different Android versions like Android Jelly Bean, KitKat, and Lollipop.

4. Gennymotion

best bluestacks alternativeGennymotion is a Cross-platform Android emulator for developers. It is specially designed for supporting applications for developers who test products in a secure virtual environment.

It is equipped with lots of developer-friendly features. It is not the right choice for regular people to test android apps on PC. But if you are into developing android apps then Gennymotion is absolute the best Android emulator you can get.

5. Andy

best bluestacks alternativeAndy emulator is the most popular Android emulator that has been around for many years. It provides seamless sync between desktop and mobile devices breaking down the barrier between them.

Andy emulator is the safest emulator to use than other emulators. It comes with inbuilt antivirus and malware protection. The UI of Andy emulator is simple and clean and closely resembles Android.

Andy supports unique features that are not supported by all Android emulators out there, like remotely playing games on your PC from a mobile phone, ARM support, and the ability to directly install apps, using your desktop browser.

6. ARChon Emulator 

Android emulatorARChon emulator is not your regular Android emulator. You need to install it as a Google Chrome extension. Then it gives Chrome the ability to run Android apps and games.

ARChon is quite flexible and favor by many developers. It is highly secure and comes with Google’s reliability. Archon runtime lets the user run an unlimited number of Android apk allowing the support of multiple android apps in single browser simultaneously.

ARChon Android emulator is one of its kind which does not require any installation tool and works perfectly on chrome browser with an internet connection. It is not suited for hardcore gaming, but it is excellent for getting Android apps on PC.

7. GameLoop

best bluestacks alternative

GameLoop, previously known as Tencent Gaming Buddy is an Android emulator for gamers. In fact, its so good that Tencel calls it as the official emulator for its games, including Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile.

Since the main focus is gaming, it is not good for productivity or developmental testing. So, you want to play games like PUBG Mobile on PC, GameLoop is the Android emulator you are looking for. Plus, the keyboard controls and performance are good.

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8. Phoenix OS

best bluestacks alternative

Phoenix OS is a windows-based Android emulator which focuses on desktop-like experience. It offers good integration between Android and desktop, and mainly works on the x86 operating system.

Phoenix OS support for Android version 7 making it quite faster in terms of performance. It is powered by Google Play Store and provides access to every application on Play Store.

Phoenix has a good visual interface and has a good support service providing regular updates. It also works pretty well for gaming as well as for productivity.

9. Bliss OS

Bliss OS is a little bit different and works as an Android emulator for Pc as a virtual machine. It is Android itself and needs to be installed a separate OS. However, it can also be used on your PC through a USB stick.

If you looking for the exact Android experience on your PC then it is better to install Bliss OS. It is an open-source and non-profit organization. So, you don’t have to tolerate any ads or any Android emulator clutter.

Besides, it mainly focuses on the design which includes many options for customizations and themes. It comes with high-security features along with a power-saving option to reduce battery consumption.

10. LD Player

best bluestacks alternativeLD Player is an Android emulator for gamers, running Android Nougat 7.1. Whether you’re using Intel or AMD powered computer, LD Player can optimize your Android gaming experience on PC with useful gamer-oriented features.

It features the usual array of game orientation features including good key mapping control, multi-instance, high FPS, and graphical support. It is the few emulators on the list that gets updated on a monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can I use instead of Bluestacks?

If you are into different android gaming apps then you should probably go for koplayer because of its lightweight and smooth performance. If you are into particular gaming like PubG or Call of Duty then GameLoop would be the right choice as they called it as an official game emulator. If you only want an Android OS and nothing else you should probably wanna try Bliss OS. NoxPlayer, MEmu and Andy would also be a great choice.

Which Bluestacks version is best?

I guess there’s not best Bluestacks version yet. Some might argue for old version of Bluestacks being great because of its low memory consumption. Yes, but those old versions are not compatible with some latest games.

What is the difference between Bluestacks 3 and Bluestacks 4?

The main difference between Bluestacks 3 and Bluestacks 4 are the features they provide. Bluestacks 4 probably comes with tons of features making gaming experience better. Most people are tied to Bluestacks 3 because they are comfortable with it. Well, the performance of both depends upon the system you run on.

These are the best Bluestacks alternatives you can get. Whether you are a heaver gamer or a developer wanting to try out the new product, these alternatives are the best ones. If you are more into gaming like PubG or Call Of Duty, GameLoop is the one you should go for because it provides a better gaming experience than any of these emulators. But you are into different games and you have a very low specs PC then Ko Player is the right one for because of its lightweight and smooth performance even in low specs system.

For only having an android system or desktop-like android experience, Bliss Os and Phoenix Os are the ones I suggest. If you are just a casual ios user and just wanted to try apps available only on android then, go for andy emulator. If you are overall user and care for each and every aspect of the android system then Nox Player would be the best option. You can even use apps that require root access which makes Nox Player stand out from the rest.

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