10 Best Apps Like Kik That You Might Find Interesting

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Conversation, the key to knowing someone deeply and one thing that you spend time on almost every single day. This inseparable aspect of your life can sometimes be monotonous. Your messages turn into a box full of mundane things if you chat via the same application. 

And this is why you were searching for apps like Kik….

So, if you’re looking for alternatives to turn things around and make your conversations memorable, you’ve come to the right place in search of it. Here is the list of 10 Best Chatting Apps like Kik that you might find interesting;

10 Best Apps Like Kik That You Might Find Interesting

1. WhatsApp

You can simply admire this Facebook-owned instant messenger service due to its smooth user interface, excellent group chat features, and easy location adding system. And if Facebook had reasons to keep an eye on this slick-looking messaging app, I bet there aren’t strong reasons to hold you from using it.

Whenever someone uses a messaging app, the key things that attract them from using it are tiny details like timestamp, notification to inform you that the recipient has seen the message, texts showing up in fancy little bubbles, and so on. WhatsApp delivers it all.

Not only that, but you can also change your chatbox background to make them look eye-catching. Sending your GPS location is simple which makes it a fine tool to boost your business.

I felt a great difference while chatting via this app with my colleagues and they told me that I was a different person when I messaged them in this app. And this need of people to expect something new even when it comes to a petty thing like chatting should force you to switch from Kik to WhatsApp. Remember that this is the first choice in the list of messaging apps like Kik.

2. Tinder

10 Best Apps Like Kik That You Might Find Interesting

I’ve included Tinder in my list (10 Best Chatting Apps like Kik that you might find interesting) as I wanted to be inclusive. To be more precise, this is more like a dating app than a simple messaging app. And since Kik cannot help you to find the right one, this is what you go for if you think that you failed to bring spark in your relationships. 

The rule of Tinder is simple. If the person finds you interesting, they swipe right. And if you find them interesting, they too will swipe right. And there you have it, a match made in heaven Tinder.

Talking about the user interface, it is simple enough for anyone to find the sections you want to see. Once you install and sign up in Tinder, you will be asked to download your photos (9 of them) and the Smart Photos option chooses the right photo of yours to be swiped right (Did you see what I did there?)…

Finally, if you find Tinder too overrated, some other names in my list of apps like Kik which might be helpful (Although they are more than just apps like Kik).

3. Viber

Viber is one of the most secure messaging platforms on my list. The “toned down purple hue”, evolution from the purple color of Viber reflects trust, reliability, and simplicity and your data is safer than ever before with Viber.

Video calls, voice calls, voice messages, and texts are free of cost when you use Viber and this will save tons of your savings which would have been spent on long-distance phone calls. The stickers provided by Viber are way more expressive than the dull plain-looking emoticons.

Owned by Japanese company Rakuten, Viber allows you to create secret chats and you can delete your messages after the recipient of your message has seen it. This feature also does not allow the recipients to screenshot your messages. 

If you fear your data getting leaked via the Kik app, Viber is an excellent choice for you to have and your adventures should certainly kickstart with this app.

4. Line

Line is another popular option when it comes to quality VOIP calls. Known to its users as a Whatsapp alternative, Line could be a great option for you if you don’t want strangers to know about you. Line would connect only to those in your contact list who own this app.

Another interesting functionality about Line is that it supports in-app payments. The timeline features of Line works similar to Facebook and Twitter. The end-to-end encryption of Line makes it a whole lot safer and you have nothing to worry about.

Games found in the Line app made it quite popular among kids. But you might not want your children hovering around your phone if you have Line installed. Trust me, kids get hooked to this app in the blink of your eyes.

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5. Telegram

Telegram is another alternative to Kik if you wish to have an end to end encryption to secure your messages. It was a hot topic for a while when known for providing a channel for the Islamic State to exchange messages just ahead of their terrorist attacks.

Just like Viber, you can use secret chats and self-destructing messages and accounts is another spooky feature that might come in handy to you. Users can also be logged in to Telegram through multiple devices simultaneously and it is also GDPR compliant.

I don’t use Telegram to stay safe from the scammers and feel that this community is a little too weird. But hey, that is just my opinion, feel free to try it out yourself and stay away from scammers. I’m sure you’ll have a great time on Telegram.

6. Google Hangouts

I had to include Google Hangouts in the list (10 Best Apps Like Kik that you might find interesting) because it is not just a simple messaging app but also one of the top choices for video conferencing and web conferencing. Google Hangouts allows up to 15 locations to participate in a group video meeting at once.

You can even share your screen with your chat mates during the video conference. This app is built in such a way that it also supports your business and has been giving tough competition to business systems like Zendesk, Slack, and Fresh Service.

Google Hangouts has a feature called Google Hangouts on Air which allows users of Google+ to stream video calls live with Youtube. Make sure that Hangouts meet your requirements and feel free to download it on your phone.

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7. IMO

IMO is the only app on my list which is the perfect option for low-end devices. This app can be boxed in your phone even if you have very low storage. The user interface of IMO is pretty basic but you can still get quality texting, video call, voice message, and multimedia sharing services if you’re connected to the internet. 

The group chats feature of IMO is applaudable, and it is supported by all platform devices. What I loved about IMO are its stickers which are free of cost but look funny and worth sending if someone is angry with you. (But don’t try making people angry in the first place)

The major flaw of IMO would be its low number of users. You would have to convince your friends and families to install this app so that you can have quality time on IMO. Other than that, IMO would be a real upgrade to the Kik app and this is why it is in my list of apps like Kik.

8. Facebook Messenger

How can I make a list without including  Messenger from Facebook? With Facebook users skyrocketing with each passing day, the use of its Messenger app is a must, and it is almost impossible to find an adult who doesn’t use this app.

You can communicate with people via texts, voice calls, video calls, images, videos, GIFS, and the cute little emoticons (sorry if I missed more) with Messenger. And you can also send SMS from this app which is another important feature. The messenger stories make me hooked on the phone for an hour almost every single day.

Signing up in the app is also a lot easier if you already have a Facebook account ( Of course you have a Facebook account). You can also download messenger lite if you’re a low-end mobile user to create extra space for other apps.

Finally, the vast number of users of this app should be a good reason for you to choose this app from the list of 10 best apps like Kik.

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9. WeChat

WeChat is one of the top contenders in the list of 10 Best Apps Like Kik that you might find interesting. Founded in the year 1998 in China, this app’s popularity recently started shifting from China to the rest of the world. You can freely share your emotions via texts, voice messages, photos, and videos. 

Video calling with WeChat is a top-notch experience and the emoticons in the app bring more charm to your messages. The voice calls in WeChat works like a walkie-talkie and I found it quite unique. 

The “Look Around” feature of WeChat made me instantly download this app as it enables you to look at what your friends are doing along with your friends knowing about your whereabouts.

The huge list of options that you have after installing WeChat certainly should blow your mind and you should already be eager to replace Kik with this app and do some justice to my list of apps like Kik.

10. Snapchat

“Right to privacy is really important. You pull that brick out and another and pretty soon the house falls.” And this is why you’d use Snapchat. One of the most secure platforms to share your emotions.


Snapchat self destructs all your photos and videos within a few seconds after you share them. Not only that, but you will also be informed about it if the recipient of your images takes a screenshot. 

Snapchat filters have always been the center of attention for many teenagers and it is a pulling factor that might make you interested in this app. For digital marketers and entrepreneurs, this app could be a gem to promote their products. So do try Snapchat and take your privacy seriously.

If you liked our list of 10 best apps like Kik, comment below to suggest the edits. Always looking for positive criticism.


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