10 New Tips To Improve Smartphone Battery Life

10 tips to improve smartphone battery life

Every single smartphone’s user wants to improve smartphone battery life in this era, Why? The answer is simple, with the creation of many engaging apps, the usage of the smartphone has rocketed in the last decades.  But, with the increase in engagement on mobile, the rate of drainage of the battery has also increased. 

So, here we are going to share 10 Tips to improve smartphone battery life. With these tips, never dead again: Boost your smartphone battery life regardless of whether it’s an iPhone or Android.

10 Tips to Improve Smartphone Battery Life

1. Diminish the screen brightness

Turn down the brilliance of your cell phone screen to a decent arrangement as it will help protect battery life.  More than any other thing on the cell phone, it’s screen brightness that depletes your mobile battery within a short period of time. You might feel a little uneasy during starting days with dim light. But after some days, you’ll become accustomed to the dimmer screen.Decrease smartphone brightness level

Also, many of the smartphones possess auto-brightness features. Making use of this feature might be the better solution as it increases the brightness in the daytime decreases its brightness in the morning, evening, and night times.

Furthermore, sometimes when you are outside under direct sunlight you could use outdoor mode instead of increasing the brightness of your phone. This outdoor mode is the feature available in many smartphones which increases your mobile brightness only for a short period of time (around 15 minutes) and automatically decreases the brightness level of the phone.

outdoor mode of smartphone

2. Set Screen Timeout to lowest

The next thing you can do to improve smartphone battery life is setting the screen timeout to the lowest possible value. As we already mentioned, screen brightness is the main consumer of mobile battery, it’s the best option to keep the screen timeout as small as possible.

smartphone screen timeout

However, sometimes it might not be ideal to set it to the lowest according to your needs. But, don’t go over 30 seconds in any situation.

3. Remember to lock your phone

Continually lock your phone whilst you aren’t using it as you will nonetheless be able to acquire calls and texts, but you aren’t accidentally turning at the telephone while it’s in the end, there’s not anything more embarrassing than pocket-dialing your boss by using coincidence (at the hours of darkness).

In addition, the locking phone doesn’t just save the battery it might also be helpful to save your mobile balance as it prevents unnecessary dialing.

So, it’s always a better habit to lock your phone after you are done using your smartphone.

4. Flip off vibration and haptic feedback

As your phone takes significantly more power to make your entire phone shake. So, if it’s ok to keep your phone in normal mode with some ringtone, it’s better to turn on ringtones and, notification sound rather than vibration. Doing so is as respectful to your battery as it is to your companions and partners. So that you won’t miss any calls and notifications.

Furthermore, many of us might love some small vibration while typing on the smartphone. But, it also consumes some amount of energy to produce such haptic feedback. Therefore, if you want to save some extra percent of your smartphone battery then it would be a good option to turn off haptic feedback.

5. Turn off Bluetooth

Many of us just forget to turn off the Bluetooth after making use of it. But, you might not have considered that it is one of the components that drinks battery power. So, turning off the Bluetooth can helps a lot to improve android battery life.

6. Turn off Wifi

Similarly, as with Bluetooth, your phone’s Wi-Fi radio is a genuine battery drainer. There’s little point in leaving the Wi-Fi radio on when you’re in no need of it. So, flip it off when you go out the entryway.

While suggesting to turn your Wi-Fi off, you may start using 4G instead. But, keep in mind that 4G drains way more power than the Wi-Fi does. So, if you have both options available and you are in need to pick one method to access the internet then it’s always better to connect through Wi-Fi instead of 4G.

7. Turn off GPS

As smartphone keeps tracking the location of the smartphone in the background even when we don’t need it. For instance, we don’t want them to track location when we are at our home. We already know where we are and where our house is located. So, it could be another wise idea to turn it off to improve smartphone battery life.

Turn off Wifi Bluetooth GPS to improve smartphone battery life

8. Take away On-display Widgets

Delete the widgets which might be placed to offer data that are no longer required for the duration of the day and nonetheless fetch statistics from the internet such as weather apps, stock apps, scoreboards, and so on. The Android working framework is about gadgets that offer on your cell phone shows. It is really great to have everything on the screen; be that as it may, it plays devastation on your smartphone battery life.

on-display widgets

9. Software updates

Make sure you download the cutting-edge software updates occasionally when your smartphone has enough battery percent. As mobile application developers are always attempting out new approaches to enhance energy management. Downloading new software updates might help to some extent to improve smartphone battery life

10. Enable Power-Saving Modes

Contingent upon your telephone, you may discover the producer has given power-sparing highlights that go past anything accessible in Android as a matter of course. Empowering a battery-sparing mode deals with the telephone’s different power-sapping highlights for you.

It may, for instance, keep applications from refreshing out of sight, diminish your screen, decrease the screen timeout setting, cripple on-screen movements. What’s more, the sooner the telephone changes to this power-sharing mode, the more extended its battery will last. A few telephones have ultra power sparing modes. These turn everything off aside from those essential for making telephone calls and sending instant messages.

power saving mode

This might not be the option to implement it every time, but it will surely save you a huge amount of battery power when you are out of power supply.


These are the basic tips to improve smartphone battery life by eradicating the use of common apps when they are not necessary. Besides this, you can check the status of battery usage on your smartphone which will show you the statistics of which app is using how much of your battery power.

By taking an overview of these stats, you can stop those apps from running in the background or can reduce their battery usage according to the variety of the apps.

If you enjoy exploring new tech tips trick and hacks keep looking for new posts under the tips and tricks category. Do you have some other tips that are not mentioned here? Please share your tips in the comments section, which might be helpful for others.


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